Code on the road… an adventure begins.

Just when the lease on my house in Bangkok was up, I had secured a contract with a company in Australia to work remotely as a tester. The company were initially cautious in allowing team members to work remotely, let alone an employee with no fixed abode. But, I was motivated to prove that the idea would result in mutual benefits for us both. In addition to my work commitments I wanted to invest some time in skilling up in Python and learning some iOS development skills. And thus, it was launched: my trip around South East Asia, to code on the road.

Along the way, I not only tested my client’s website, but I also put to the test various locations from which to work and play. I’ll be sharing some of the details in my blog, along with a few of my learnings (technical and non) from the trip.

So, from Hanoi in Vietnam to Yangon in Myanmar: here we go… to Code on the Road.




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