Mobile Specific Test Checklist

I created a testing checklist relevant to testing on mobile devices. The checklist can be applied to testing native apps, hybrid apps & websites. Each test criteria will not always apply under every condition on every application, however, the checklist is designed as a tool to remind testers to focus on tests specific to the mobile platform and to provide a talking piece on which to spark more creative mobile specific tests.

Can you think of new mobile features that also need to be covered?


  • Orientation – Portrait, Landscape
  • Screen size
  • Screen resolution

Random tests (“Handbag testing”)

  • Rotate screen
  • Shake screen
  • Phone call interruption
  • Stay on open page for a long time
  • Lock screen startup
  • Get creative!

Location based functionality

  • Location services – ON (overall and application specific)
  • Location services – OFF (overall and application specific)
  • GPS On
  • GPS Off
  • Test after clear location
  • Test as user “on the move”

Map functionality

  • Location services – OFF
  • Location services – ON
  • Compare to google maps, native apple maps

Date / Time

  • Server side date/time
  • Client side date/time (device settings – automatic, specific, manual)
  • Timezones
  • Device calendar settings – gregorian, buddhist, japanese
  • Device region settings


  • Data stored to device
    • data available after hard close
    • data not available after app reinstallation
  • Data stored to cloud / external service
    • data available after hard close
    • data available after app reinstallation
  • Delete app data via settings
  • Clear app from phone cache
  • Cookies for web pages

Performance / Stability

  • Are loading times acceptable according to connection speed? 2G, 3G, 4G, WiFi, etc.
  • What happens when network drops out?
  • Are page transitions smooth?
  • Are animations smooth?
  • Is battery drained by app?
  • Does app crash due to memory leaks etc?
  • Do cached pages load quickly?
  • Do non cached pages load in acceptable time?
  • How much space does app take up on device?

Handling content

  • Display upper boundary value
  • Display lower boundary value
  • Display popular value(s)
  • Null value
  • Characters: Alpha, Numeric, Special, Foreign
  • HTML escaped
  • Data mapping

User input fields

  • Upper boundary value
  • Lower boundary value
  • Upper boundary value +1
  • Lower boundary value -1
  • Characters: alpha, numeric, special, foreign, spaces, all spaces
  • Digits: numeric, negative, positive, currency, decimal, spaces, all spaces, alpha, special chars (currency symbols, commas, decimal points etc)
  • Client side & server side tested
  • Security: Inject SQL, Inject HTML


  • Is user information accessible?
  • Is sensitive data accessible?
  • Can we view a user’s sensitive data (Credit card etc) in:
    • xCode/Android Studio log files?
    • web service requests?
    • backend log files?
    • databases? (encryption may be required at DB level for sensitive data)
  • Can we view a user’s credit card information after navigating away from a page?
  • Can we view private information in URLs?
  • Secure login
  • Integration to 3rd party authentication


  • Supported Operating Systems
  • Supported Devices
  • Popular screen sizes / resolutions
  • Connection speeds 2G, 3G, 4G, WiFi
  • Desktop (for responsive websites, or for web views)

Close application

  • Soft close – phone call interruption, timeout screen interruption, view other application interruption
  • Hard close – delete application from phone’s memory, uninstall application

Caches (client side)

  • cache override when page reloaded
  • cache override on clear cookies
  • cache override on delete from phone memory
  • cache expires after (cache time period)


  • Received according to client’s timezone
    • or is it appropriate to set the alert on server timezone?
  • Allow alerts
  • Do not allow alerts
  • Turn off alerts

Special features

  • audio
  • video
  • animations
  • welcome screens
  • navigation
    • android device back button
    • browser back button
    • home buttons


Author: Holly Marshall




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