Digital nomad destination: Hanoi


Hanoi is a bustling city to the north of Vietnam, and one of my all time favourite digital nomad destinations. Hanoi has it all – fast, readily available, reliable WiFi, excellent work places with high potential for business and social networking, amazing food, a wide choice of accommodation, fun relaxed nightlife, easy transport via motorcycle taxi, relatively low living costs, outdoor spaces, one of the best coffee scenes in the world, unique culture and a nice base from which to visit some of Vietnam’s natural & cultural wonders in the north.

I felt completely at ease and safe as a solo female nomad working in Hanoi. I didn’t need to be as guarded about the safety of my laptop & I felt completely relaxed to explore the town day or night on my own or with new friends. Although there are lots of motos, the city maintains a relaxed vibe, where nothing rolls too fast!

Home base

In terms of where to base yourself in Hanoi, good options are endless, however I preferred to be based around the Cathedral area next to the bustling Hoan Kiem (Old Quarter). For something longer term, I may have chosen Tay Ho/Westlake. A 5 minute walk from the Toong co-working space was my favourite guesthouse in Hanoi: Maison D’Orient, which I wrote about in greater detail on tripadvisor. Specifically the Cinnamon rooms provided all that I needed to work at night and enjoy my stay comfortably within the budget I had set to be able to extend my funds over a long term trip.

Working spaces

Whilst in Hanoi, I worked at Toong co-working spaces. The excellent facilities, well appointed spaces, professional staff, great service, convenience of in house catering & reliable wifi at Toong greatly contributed to my enjoyment of working in Hanoi so much.


Outstanding coffee is available up, down, and around every windy corner you turn in the streets of old Hanoi and its surrounds. Don’t miss out on trying egg coffee (cà phê trúng) & yoghurt coffee (sua chua ca phe) on a low slung stool in one of the many hidden cafes across the town. The cafes in Hanoi were so popular, that Hanoi was one of the few towns where I didn’t find too many venues where I was comfortable to work (at least for more than an hour or two), given that people would be waiting for tables. 





2 thoughts on “Digital nomad destination: Hanoi

    • Thanks Alex! Vietnam is very photogenic. I think that being vegetarian would be fairly easy, being truly vegan would require some determination. Obviously if you’re willing to cook, you have wonderful markets everywhere, and fresh tofu and noodles are plentiful at these. When eating out, it can be harder to get (vegetarian) food made without fish sauce or a splash of meat based stock. Dairy is not really big on the menu, so I think you’d be okay there. The major cities are now full of amazing cafes, a few of which specialise in healthy began good, so I think you’d be totally fine!

      Did you end up going?


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