Please feel free to check out my GitHub …it’s a constant work in progress!

Since leaving my job at Excite Holidays, I have invested some more time in developing my skills in Python programming and basic iOS application development. Additionally, I am trying out some new automated testing frameworks, which I am posting to GitHub, as I go.

All of these projects have helped me with my journey as a tester, as I now have more exposure to code vulnerabilities, greater ability to overcome technical issues  and better capability to set up a variety of test frameworks involving different languages and tools.

My GitHub demonstrates some of this journey…

In Python, I have demonstrated a re-cap of the basic syntax for collections, functions & OOP. I already felt comfortable using Python for Informatics and Automated Test Scripts. However, I am currently beginning to build up small demonstration projects for Python, SQLAlchemy & Flask applications. Very soon, I will be launching myself into my course capstone: a Python, SQLAlchemy, Flask & Jinja application based on Instagram services.

In Ruby, I have created a demonstration of a test framework based on Ruby, Cucumber & Appium. The journey for this project is described in my blog.

For iOS, I have been building a simple audio player application, for a small business. As this is a commercial product, I have not shared the code to GitHub, but I will soon upload the final product to my blog.